Task 38 - Greenhouse Gas Balances of Biomass and Bioenergy Systems

Conference on:

Forest Carbon Accounting, Carbon Offset Trading
and Opportunities to Enhance Bioenergy

 Victoria, Canada
15 September, 2004

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Scope and objectives of the conference

 The workshop focused on forest carbon accounting systems and opportunities to enhance biomass supplies and the use of bioenergy as a climate change mitigation measure. It provided a forum for government, industry and academic  representatives to exchange information on:

  • Forest Carbon Accounting, Measurement and Monitoring Systems; Domestic Carbon Offset Trading Systems; Afforestation/Reforestation Assessments and Policy Directions: overview of forest carbon accounting in Canada,  proposed carbon offset trading system in Canada, domestic afforestation policies directions in Canada and New Zealand, Australian Carbon Accounting System and soil carbon research.
  • Forest Industry Biomass Supply and Bioenergy Opportunities: bioenergy international trade, greenhouse gas balances  of multi product and cascading systems, bioenergy strategic directions from industry associations in Canada, identifying preferable uses of biomass resources in Canada, utilization of insect damage forests for bioenergy projects in Canada, biomass-fired energy systems for space heating in Sweden.

On 14 September 2004 a 1-day field study took place where participants had the opportunity to see how to apply  carbon measurement techniques to collect the data used for estimating afforestation project level carbon stock changes in Canada.


Workshop Program

 The presentations slides can be viewed or downloaded as PDF files - just click on the links called "Presentation Slides".

Wednesday, 15 September 2004




Welcome and Introduction
Terry Hatton,Natural Resources Canada / Canadian Forest Service


IEA Bioenergy Task 38 Highlights and Work Plan
Bernhard Schlamadinger,Natural Resources Canada / Canadian Forest Service
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Session 1: Forest Carbon Accounting; Carbon Offset Trading; Afforestation /  Reforestation Policy Directions


Developing Canada’s National Forest Carbon Monitoring, Accounting and Reporting System
Werner Kurz,Natural Resources Canada / Canadian Forest Service
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Designing a System to Track and Report on National Afforestation Projects
Thomas White,Natural Resources Canada / Canadian Forest Service
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Status of Canada’s Carbon Offset System Policy Development
Tony Lemprière,Natural Resources Canada / Canadian Forest Service
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Coffee Break


Effectiveness of Incentives to Encourage Afforestation in Canada
Rory Gilsenan,University of British Columbia
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NZ Climate Change Afforestation Policy Developments
Kimberly Robertson,IEA National Team Leader, Force Consulting Ltd, New Zealand
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The Impact of Soil Carbon Change on Greenhouse Benefits, examined using the Australian National Carbon Accounting System
Annette Cowie,State Forests of New South Wales, Australia
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Session 2: Forest Industry Biomass Supply and Bioenergy Opportunities


Bioenergy Potential and the Role for International Trade
Andre Faaij,IEA National Team Leader, Utrecht University, The Netherlands
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Greenhouse Gas Balances of Multi-Product and Cascading Systems
Veronika Dornburg,Utrecht University, The Netherlands
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Identifying Environmentally Preferable Uses for Biomass Resources
Martin Tampier,Envirochem Services Inc., Canada
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Bioenergy Feedstock Opportunities from Mountain Pine Beetle Damaged Timber in British Columbia
Bill Wilson,Natural Resources Canada / Canadian Forest Service
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Coffee Break


Climate Change Policy, Green Power, and Biomass
Paul Lansbergen,Forest Products Association of Canada
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Status of Proposed Canadian Forest Biomass Strategy
Doug Bradley,Climate Change Solutions, Canada
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Biomass-Fired Energy Systems for Space Heating
Leif Gustavsson and Anna Joelsson,Mid Sweden University, Sweden
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Development of Standard Tool for Evaluating Greenhouse Gas Balances and Cost-effectiveness of  Biomass Energy Technologies
Jinke van Dam, Andre Faaij and I. LewandowskiUtrecht University, The Netherlands
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Open Forum – Ideas on Potential Synergies with IEA Bioenergy Task 38 Work Plan


Close of Workshop


List of Participants

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